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 Student Visa for New Zealand


To obtain a student visa the student must provide the following to the nearest New Zealand immigration office:
An offer of place from the school the student is intending to study at.
A receipt of the tuition fees received made out by the school that has issued the offer of place.
A completed visa/permit form obtainable from the nearest New Zealand immigration office.
A passport that will be current at least for three months past the expected expiry of the student visa.

Application fee (check with your nearest NZ Immigration office)

A bank statement showing NZ$1000 per month or NZ$10000 per year to guarantee financial cover for living expenses or a financial undertaking form completed and signed by your sponsor and the sponsorís bank showing NZ$7000

A return ticket to your home country or proof of enough funds to purchase a flight ticket.

If you have been in New Zealand for two years or more, you will also need to provide a medical certificate and chest X-ray and a police clearance form from your home country.


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