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Student Visa for Itlay


Who requires a student visa?
A study visa will likely be required to study in Italy, for any length of time.

What documents will be required?
One passport size photograph;
One application form duly completed and signed at the Consulate;
Passport valid three months over planned stay in Italy.

A letter of acceptance from school or University in Italy indicating place, duration of the course and dates of attendance;

A letter addressed to this Italian Consulate, stating that you own private means of support. If you are a recipient of financial aid, please submit a statement.

A letter from your bank indicating your account number, financial status, and balance. The letter must be signed by a bank official.

Flight reservations (round trip).


What is the cost of a visa?
US$30 for a 90-day student visa.

How long is the visa valid for?
Various depending on type.

Other information:
Minors(under 18 years of age) who will not be travelling with their parents and wish to apply for a visa, in addition to the documentation required for the particular visa, must produce a declaration from both parents or legal guardian, authorising them to travel and stay in a Schengen country and appointing the person who will be responsible for them.
This declaration should be in the form of an affidavit duly authenticated by the solicitor or the appropriate official of your Embassy or Consulate.


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