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Windows Tips

Bitmap as icons
You can preview bitmaps (.BMP files) as icons in Explorer instead of the default icon of the application it is associated with. Open the Registry Editor and navigate to HKEY_ CLASSES_ROOT\Paint.Picture\DefaultIcon. Double-click the Default string and change it's value to '%1' (without quotes). Close the Registry Editor and restart windows.

Window and menu Animations
One of the desktop enhancements built into windows is the animation displayed when you minimize and maximize windows or when displaying menus. Disabling this makes navigating Windows a lot faster. Open the Desktop Properties dialog by right-clicking any blank area of the desktop and clicking on Properties. Disable Animate windows, menus and lists form the Effects tab.

Smooth Screen Fonts
You may find that the fonts in your Internet Explorer and other windows seem jagged as you increase the font size. To make them smooth and thus, beautiful.

  • Right-click anywhere on the free space of the Desktop and click properties
  • Select the Effects tab from the Display Properties
  • In the Visual effects frame, enable Smooth edges of screen fonts

Change the Refresh rate of your Graphics Adapter
Refresh rate of your monitor determines how fast the screen if updated. Generally, the higher refresh rate monitor can support, the better. Optimum refresh rates can be set manually for a flicker-free display. If Windows hasn't already configured it. Right-click on the Desktop, click on Properties and open Settings > Advanced > Adapter. Depending on your graphics card and monitor, you will get different choice for the refresh rate. Click on Apply after setting the appropriate refresh rate. Click through the warning message to change the refresh rate. If, for some reason the display becomes garbled, don't do anything, Windows will restore the original refresh rate.

Speed-up your connecting time
To speed-up the time it takes for Dial Up Networking to establish a connection with your ISP:

  • Open Dial-Up Networking.
  • Right-click your connection and choose Properties.
  • On the server types tab, under Advanced Options, make sure that the check-box for Log on to network is unchecked.
  • Under Allowed network protocols select only TCP/IP and uncheck NetBEUI & IPX/SPX
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